Aegean Images is the personification of strong technical skills combined with an excellent eye for design and balance.
The result? Photo's with an unequaled composition: Images telling a story that will touch you and let you dream, but also pictures that sell. Aegean Images is a deliberate choice for a different approach.

The point of each photo is to showcase beauty and to tell a story. Your story as my customer for example, or also that of the property owners or renters to be who recognize their dream in Aegean Images' pictures. Call it the most beautiful version of reality.



As a photographer, I am literally offering your public a different view on things. By using a distinct framing for example, by effectively kneeling in front of my subject. Or because of the unusual lighting or focus guiding the attention of the viewers almost organically to the detail you want them to look at. The trick is to see beyond the moment and the lens to make series of photos with your target group and the desired results in mind. With Aegean Images, I want to do more than make breathtaking pictures: I want to create visual materials delivering a message that can't be missed.

Slow Travel Guide is featuring my travel photography.